Our House System

We divide the academy community into four houses, Emerald, Amethyst, Ruby and Sapphire. This gives children an opportunity for peer mentoring and breaks the year group boundaries. The names of the houses change yearly, though colours will stay the same.

The children belong to one house and can earn house points. Points can be earned for:

  • Good behaviour, being ready/quiet in good time etc (Teacher discretion)
  • Completion of Homework; additional house points awarded for outstanding effort
  • Showing an excellent attitude towards their learning above and beyond or normal high epectatons of learning
  • Sporting wins of one house over the other in PE/ intra schools sports competitions + 30 points

Each week the totals are added up and announced in assembly. For Sports Day they will earn points for their houses and the name of the winning house engraved upon the shield. At the end of the year a trophy will be given for the ultimate winner of houses (name engraved upon and winning house photographed with it).