Pupil Senate

Each year group elects two pupil representatives to voice the thoughts, concerns, and ideas of their peers to the Senate.  The formal Pupil Senate consists of elected Year Five and Year Six pupils.  The Senate members are responsible for all aspects of the Senate; this allows pupils to use and develop leadership skills that are taught as part of our British Values and the tools provided to them through our Steps2Success programme. The Pupil Senate is becoming more active in the Academy environment as they are organizing fund raising events that support the local community and Academy, participating in Trust activities, meeting to address pupil concerns and ideas.  The Senate ensures all pupils are provided a voice to be heard.

Pupil Senate Members

President – Jessica (Griffin)

Vice President – Mia (Phoenix)

Treasurers – Andreia (Griffin) and Amelie (Dragon)

Secretary – Mai (Griffin)

Diamond Spirit – Ola (Griffin) and Maddison (Pegasus)

Class Reps – Demi (Dragon), Fran (Sphinx), Nancy (Centaur), Oliver (Centaur), Corey (Hippogriff) and Savannah (Hippogriff)